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Tutor videos to guide you on how to use CoNET platform

Access the platform to mine, buy your Guardian Plan and much more

We will guide you through tutor videos and look step by step how to create your account, recover your password, free mining, among others.

How to start using CoNET platform

Creating a new account on the platform

Watch our video tutorial that explains how to create a new account, follow the tutorial to create your account and don't forget to save your 12 recovery-phrases.

Ready to join the revolution?

Get more out of CoNET with a Guardian Plan

Guardian Super Nodes are a limited number of CoNET relay nodes and are the backbone operators of the CoNET network. Watch our video tutorial that explains how to buy a Guardian Plan.

Import a wallet to your account

Intelligent Asset Management

Whether generating new wallets or importing external private keys, a CONET user can manage thousands of wallets. Watch our video tutorial and see how to import your wallets.

Referral and Reward Program

Expand the community, share your referral link

Participants receive a unique referral link. If someone joins mining using the link, the referrer gets a 20% bonus of the referred person's earnings continuously and if you are a Guardian, you earn a 10% USDT reward for each new Guardian Plan purchased by referred individuals.

CoNET's Mining is Different

An Innovative Mining Approach

CoNET's mining process is distinguished by its integration of blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and direct user control over earned assets. Watch our video tutorial and see how to mine on the platform.

How to start using CoNET platform

Reset your password using your recovery-phrases

By entering the mnemonic phrase, users can effortlessly restore all wallets from decentralized cloud storage such as IPFS, including wallet images, names, and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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